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    We Need To Discuss Mariah Carey Coaching Her Kids Through An "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Sing-Along

    Listen and learn!!!!

    Hi, good day. I don't have time for small talk or niceties!!!!! We've just gotta get right into this video that Mariah Carey shared in which she coaches her kids through a sing-along of her own song, of "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Please watch, and then we'll discuss.

    OK, now let's discuss!

    First of all, it isn't a sing-along unless the music is way, way up! Mariah was smart to request an increase in volume here.

    And now, let the sing along begin!!

    Like any good band leader, Mariah conducts her kids and leads them into the opening "and IIIiiiiiiiii." They nail it.

    Then comes the next part as Mariah says!

    The next part is the "ahhhhhhs." (I knew that already though, duh.)

    After the "ahhs," Mariah signals (explicitly tells them) that the "oohs" are coming up next.

    And so that they don't fuck it up, Mariah makes sure to guide them through the triple ooh portion of the song. Not like Roc and Roe would ever mess that up to begin with, have some faith!!!

    Towards the end of the song, Mariah hypes her backup singers...THEY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!!!

    Yes, it's chorus time. They know the words, they know the melody, they know the tempo.

    Mariah should be proud.

    They did that!! And now Christmas has officially begun.