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    I Literally Just Learned Five Seconds Ago That Mario And Luigi Are Twins

    Holy canoli!

    It’s-a me, Lauren! And I just found out some info that has me all rattled and roiled.

    Yous guys know Mario and Luigi obviously.

    Famously known as the Mario Brothers.

    But umm I literally learned about five seconds ago that they aren't just brothers...they are...TWINS!!!!!!!!!

    Yah, they are fraternal twin bros!!!!!!!! Here is my second source (thx wikipedia):


    Mario is the older one.

    And Luigi is the younger one.

    As soon as I found out this information, I texted my twin sister. She was also unaware of this important information, but didn't seem to care as much as me.

    Idk how many minutes apart they are or if they were born naturally or by C-section, but yeah, they twins, and the rumors are true, you really do learn something new every day!