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    Literally Just Three Seconds Of John Travolta Being Awkward

    Just for lafs.

    Here is a 4-second video of John Travolta on Ellen where he's being gifted one of those ginormous checks. However, for the first 3.5 seconds of the Vine, John does not realize he should be taking the check, so instead he just stares at it. Basically it's funny and I think you should watch it.

    You know how sometimes a second can feel like an hour? Well that's what I'm feeling here.

    The first second/hour: a thumbs-up.

    The next second/hour: a glance down, but no movement.

    The third second/hour: still no movement. All is still. John Travolta does not touch the giant check.

    The third and a half second/one and a half hours: Everyone around shifts uncomfortably. Does he see the check? It's big so it's unlikely that he doesn't see the check. But maybe he just doesn't see it.

    The fourth second/hour: realization. The check is finally taken and the check holder is relieved.

    OK, well, thanks for stopping by and watching John Travolta not realize he should take the big check. Before you go, watch it again!