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    Life Has Come Full Circle, Lisa Kudrow Was Acknowledged By Post-It

    The inventor gets her invention.

    In 1997, Romy and Michele claimed to have invented Post-its.

    You know in the iconic movie, Romy and Michele's High School Renuion. HOW COULD YOU FORGET THIS SCENE?

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    Now, 19 years later, life has finally come full circle. Because Lisa Kudrow Instagrammed a picture of a nice little gift she received from Post-it.

    Obviously Lisa Kudrow was thrilled. How nice of her own company to send her free stuff.

    According to Mira Sorvino's Instagram — which I just found and think is legit — no Post-its have been sent to her, because I assume she would share a picture if they had (hello, it's 2016). This is tragic because she is the co-founder of the company, and deserves some Post-it flowers too!!

    I hope Mira gets her post-its. In the meantime I'll just be holding onto this one picture from Lisa Kudrow that reminds me of the good ol' late '90s.