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    Let's Take In Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Transformation Into Mega Hot Dude

    It's full of beautiful miracles.

    NEWSFLASH: Aaron Taylor-Johnson used to be kind of dweebish. Like cute dweeby, but definitely dweeby.

    He always had the potential for greatness. See, it's THERE, it just needed to be released.

    With each passing day, more of that greatness began to shine through.

    He was blossoming.

    He was learning to master the art of seduction.

    His suit wearing abilities came naturally to him.

    He clearly was already a pro at looking sharp.

    Even though there were some hiccups along the way...

    ...he redeemed himself later on with this hair:

    And this stare:

    And this hair stare:

    Also these dreads.

    And this whole shirtless one-armed pullup thing:

    Seeing him like this really solidified his transformation into manly goodness:


    It was all this now:

    These days his arms can't be stopped from bulging out of his shirt:

    And him looking like a real gent in suits with sweaters:

    He's unsure where this perfection came from.

    But we knew it was there the whole time.

    Waiting, like a genie in a bottle, to be thrust into this world.

    And thrust he and his arms were.

    Right into our hearts, where he shall stay.