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Salt Bae Salted Leonardo DiCaprio's Meat And We're Alive To Witness It

What a world.

GOOD MORNING, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I've brought you here because there is a brand-spankin'-new photograph that in my dramatic opinion must be seen by your eyes.

You know Salt Bae? That guy who salts meat while simultaneously getting the salt all over his arms?

Well, my friends, here is a pic of Salt Bae doing his salt thing...FOR LEONARDO DICAPRIO.


It was posted by Salt Bae himself.

And in it, Leo is looking like he can't even friggen believe Salt Bae is salting his shit right in front of his very eyes!!!

Leo is shook to his core!

It's intense!!

And as if things weren't crazy enough...there's a toothpick in Leo's mouth. A toothpick for cryin' out loud!!!

Anyway, there you have it. A picture of Salt Bae dude salting Leonardo DiCaprio's meat.

I don't know what this happened and I don't care. Just glad it did.