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    Leonardo DiCaprio Contemplates His Existence While On A Giant Boat

    Yachting Leo = best Leo.

    The tale begins with this young man
    And a giant ship, on which he could tan
    He was curious about life and the deep blue sea
    So he contemplated life and what it could be

    He stood there with a towel and a bun
    It didn't seem like that much fun
    Yet there he was, a Hollywood star
    What was everything he wondered, as he gazed afar

    He thought and thought and stood quite still
    He had no bellybutton, nada, nil
    And he wondered about the world and the color of the sky
    And as he pondered, the time flew by

    And then he sat on the edge of his ship
    Thinking that life is so short It's really just a blip
    But his feet dangled over the edge they did
    He felt like a child, a tiny little kid

    Finally he lied down and his body could rest
    And he wanted you to draw him and his beautiful chest
    Then Leo would think for hours to come
    On his giant boat, near which he had swum

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