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    Lake Bell Isn't A Hater

    We caught up with Lake Bell at Tropfest New York — the world's largest short film festival — where she was a judge, helping to choose winners for Best Short Film. Here are four questions with Lake Bell.

    John Gara for BuzzFeed

    So, what are you judging on tonight? How will you decide who wins?

    Lake Bell: I mean, short films are really important to me, because I made my first film that I wrote and directed, and then it became a calling card for me as a filmmaker, that brought me into the rooms to be able to make my first feature. So it really did a great service to me, and also was a sense of validation. And being able to be behind the camera and assembling a team that you feel confident with is, like, a real beautiful thing. You know, moviemaking can be such a pain in the ass, but it's an honor and it's a privilege and it's really cool, you know. And I think festivals like this, you remember, like, Oh, this is a cool thing to be a part of. Short films are very pure. They are operated from creativity, and from sheer will. Filmmakers, or at least budding filmmakers, they need to tell a story and they want to try, so without fear they just make something — and that is so great and where it all starts.

    Who is your girl crush in Hollywood right now?

    LB: Girl crush? Oh man. I don't know. I guess it's always going to be my dear friend Cameron [Diaz]. She's the coolest. She is fearless and graceful at the same time, which is really hard to pull off.

    What was the last movie you saw?

    LB: Last movie I saw own (laughs)! It was at a screening.

    Puppies or kittens?

    LB: This is, like, hard-hitting. Both. Because I'm not a hater!

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