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    Kylie Jenner Was The Most Liked Kardashian-Jenner On Instagram In 2015


    Looking to feel kind of shitty about your performance on Instagram the past year? Well then go to to find out your top nine most liked photos on Instagram this year and also see how many likes you got in TOTAL.

    Then, like me, you can plug in all of the Kardashian-Jenner Instagram handles to see how they fared. Here, I'll save you time and even tell you who did the best:

    In first place, based on likes alone, was Kylie, with over ONE BILLION OF THEM.

    In second place was Kendall, with over 400 million likes. However! Kendall posted 2.5X less than Kylie...

    …so based on this math that I did (and didn't finish or understand) I came to the conclusion that had she posted the same amount as Kylie and gained likes at her current like-velocity, technically she *could* have had 1,088,902,300 likes, putting her 1st.

    But she didn't post as many times as Kylie, so she's still in second place.

    Also sorry, mathematicians. Willing to be tutored.

    In third place was Kim, with nearly 900 million likes, and 1,128 posts (the most of any of them).

    Fourth place: Khloe, with around half a billion likes.

    In fifth place was Kourtney, with around 300 million likes.

    The matriarch and creator of all of the previous people and, in turn, their likes, came in sixth place with a little over 100 million likes.

    And rounding out the fam was Caitlyn Jenner, with 16 millions likes, but only 51 posts.

    Congrats to Kylie; best of luck to the rest in 2016.