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    Kristen Stewart Realizing She Has No Hair To Run Her Hands Through Is Actually Adorable

    Why do I love this so much.

    Hot fact of the week: Kristen Stewart cut her hair.

    Second hot fact of the week: Kristen Stewart has not yet realized that she doesn't have the hair on her head to run her fingers through anymore and it's ADORABLE.

    As you can see, while on the red carpet, Kristen goes to touch her hair, but then it dawns on her: She has buzzed her head and there's nothing there to touch.

    So she does a nice hand dance/semi-voguing around her face and looks off to someone and doesn't know what to do with herself.

    Because this is in the past.

    But old habits die hard. Because approx. 30 seconds later she attempts to touch her hair again.

    And once again realizes that there's nothing there to grab onto.

    Basically it's adorable.

    And I'm here for all of it.