Kevin Bacon Is Really Good At The Internet

Though with the last name Bacon, how could he not be.

1. First of all, he’s really good at taking selfies.

2. He gets it.

3. He’s like the selfie man:

4. Sometimes they are emo:

5. Sometimes they are up close:

6. Sometimes he wears hats:

7. Sometimes he’s sleeping at the gym:

8. And sometimes his dogs join him!

9. Speaking of, he’s really good at dressing up his dog. Here is “smart dog”

10. Here’s “clown dog”

11. Here’s “rasta dog”

12. Here’s “princess dog”

13. Here’s “fairy dog”

14. And here’s “jester dog”

15. Also, he has a little doll friend named “Mr. Bacon”

16. He takes him places, like on planes.

17. And in hot tubs.

18. Not to mention he’s romantic and loves posting photos of him and his wife Kyra Sedgwick.

19. Especially old ones where his hair looks silly.

20. But also recent ones because they are cute.

21. And I haven’t even started on his vine game yet. IT’S GREAT.

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22. He likes to sing.

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23. He can sing about anything really.

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24. Plus he makes up riveting stories, like this one.

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25. And if they are bad (which of course they wouldn’t be) he apologizes:

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26. In conclusion: Thumbs up to you Kevin!

27. Very good interneting!

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