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    Kanye West Accepted A Ride From The Paparazzi Because His Uber Never Showed

    Or as Kanye says — the pops.

    Here is a real video — no CGI or photoshop — showing Kanye West, notorious paparazzi-disliker, accepting a ride from a paparazzo to take him to the gym.

    Kanye taking a ride from the paparazzi after leaving the gym today.

    Here's the story: Kanye was waiting an Uber to take him to his trainer's gym in Santa Monica, CA. But no one showed up, so when the paparazzi offered Kanye a ride, he accepted.

    And then he was like, "cool, the paps will take me where I want to go" I don't even NEED Uber.

    Which brings me to my first sidenote: he was waiting for an Uber. Like, Kanye was about to take an Uber. And apparently frequently takes Ubers. Why is Kanye West taking Ubers everywhere? I appreciate his frugalness, but also don't really get it. I'm moving on from this subject even though I'm not really over his Uber-usage.

    After accepting his ride, Kanye asks the paparazzi if they like the nickname "paps." This is the point in the video where I'm not sure if this is really Kanye or a just a very convincing look-alike.

    This brings me to sidenote #2: when Kanye says "paps" he pronounces it like "pops." He does this several times. Like he's calling the photographers his dads. Why?

    And the end of the extended video (which you can watch below) Kanye gets to his destination and admits he was just dropped off by the "pops," and his trainer laughs, because HE CAN PROBABLY NOT BELIEVE THAT KANYE DID THAT.

    Here's the full interaction, let it boggle your mind like it did mine:

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