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    K-Stew Shows Her K-Boobs In Her New Movie

    The flick is called "On The Road" which is based off the book by Jack Kerouac of the same name. [NSFW]

    From The Sun about Kristen baring her breasts for the film:

    She said: “I wasn't scared, honestly.

    “It’s kind of insane to watch now. I'm like, 'Who is that?' But I think — as every actress says when they do this is — it just felt so right.

    “It was so within a different world and so within a different environment that I don't even really feel — I am personally connected to it, of course — but it is something outside of myself.”

    If you are somewhere where you shouldn't be looking at boobs, please stop here!

    If you are somewhere where you can and want to look at Kristen's boobs, please scroll.