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John Krasinski Had A Very Awkward Night At The Golden Globes While Sitting At Leonardo DiCaprio's Table

You take the good with the awk.

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Buff and bearded guy John Krasinski went to the Golden Globes stag because his wife, Emily Blunt, was filming a movie and couldn't attend.

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And John revealed on Ellen that actually it's kind of a cool situation, because they give you a pretty good seat, so he ended up at Leonardo DiCaprio's table.

That's cool and everything, except...they didn't talk...

...and then John realized that he was actually sitting at the table with everyone who worked on The Revenant. And that was, well, not him.

And so while his whole table was celebrating, he was kind of just chillin'.

But whatever, at least he looks good clapping.

Here's the full recounting, which starts at about the 3:25 mark:

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