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    Jessica Simpson As Danny DeVito Is The Final Costume We Should All Talk About This Halloween

    It is *kisses fingers like an Italian chef*.

    There's something about famous people goin' all out for Halloween in a way I didn't see coming that just makes me really respect them. You know, like, it makes me think to myself, "Hey, that's funny. I didn't think you were gonna do that, but you did. Respect!"

    And this year, I'd like to give Jessica Simpson the award for doing a thing I didn't see coming and me loving it a lot. Cause that's her by the way, on the left, dressed as Danny DeVito in Twins.

    You know, Twins.

    Universal Pictures

    Don't believe me? I'll zoom:

    Still don't believe me? I'll zoom more:

    That's Jessica alright!

    She and her husband Eric Johnson went as Danny and Arnie and I must say, it good. It realllllll good.

    Reaaaaalllll good.

    And while I enjoy a great couples costume, the focus here is really Jessica as Danny DeVito.

    Because this look will go down in my personal history book as iconidary (iconic+ legendary).

    She did it all! Even down to the little hair bun.

    Mama mia it is perfecto!

    Jen Lewis /

    I'm just glad my time on earth has overlapped with Jessica Simpson dressing as Danny DeVito.

    What can I say, it's the little things I am grateful for!

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