27 Reasons Jenny Slate Is Your Spirit Human

    Let Jenny guide you into infinite wisdom and spectacularness.

    1. She is a pizza guru and knows how influential it is in ones life.

    2. She asks important questions.

    3. Like, questions that keep you up at night.

    4. And sometimes they really make you think about society.

    5. She's the only one brave enough to say things that we all want to say.

    6. And do things that we all really want to do.

    7. She's kind to all creatures.


    8. She can perfectly verbalize your feelings about weed.

    9. She sees the beauty in life.

    10. And boobs. And brains.

    11. And everything in between, because it's all good.

    12. Because her dance skills are to be envied.


    13. As are her fashion choices.


    14. She is a pioneer for awareness about chip chewing syndrome.

    15. And is an inspiration when it comes to drunk texting victories.

    16. She has talents far beyond anything you could dream of.

    17. Because she straight up speaks the truth.

    18. And isn't concerned about being "unladylike."


    That was a beautiful spit.

    19. She is clearly an ideal person to hold a text conversation with.

    20. And to be fashionable with.

    21. See, she is single handedly making turtlenecks cool again.

    22. She embraces all smells from all people.


    23. Her compassion for ghosts is inspiring.

    24. She doesn't conform to pants wearing, and that's something we should all look up to.

    25. She just gets every human emotion that comes along with watching The Notebook.

    26. She has really good, important theories about movies.

    27. And she knows exactly who she is, which is a super cool, wonderful human.