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January Jones' Instagram Account Is An Underrated Gem That Will Make You Want To Be Her Best Friend

BREAKING: January Jones seems really fun and cool.

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First of all, she started it all with a deep understanding of the #hashtag:

Then immediatly started posting photos like this of her HOLDING BABY SHARKS.

And making obviously very cool art:

She also knows how to #TBT.

Like, she's really good at the throwback pics:


Ridiculously good.

SO good that you're #TBTs will pale in comparison.

Also she's just kind of great at selfies:

They are mysterious...

Yet full of life!

Her pictures show us the inside of her soul:

And also close ups of her face:

And she gets those red things on her nose when she wears sunglasses just like regular folk!

She takes mirror pics, like a total normal human:

Also, her captions are on point.

Like when she caught her dog before he was camera ready:

And was very self aware about being an actress:

Plus she takes pictures with celebrities, like Ethan Hawke:

And Diane Kruger, who does bunny ears just for her:

Finally and most importantly, her mom likes her Instagrams, and that's really all that matters.

All photos from January Jones' Instagram which you can check out here!

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