James Van Der Beek Has Gotten Hotter With Age

He was hot back in the day but in a heart-throbby way. Now he’s hot in a very manly way.

1. Look at JVDB these days…

4. He is doing the Clooney (getting better looking with age).

FameFlynet Pictures

5. I mean, just look at him!

FameFlynet Pictures

6. He’s holding a turtle for crying out loud!


FameFlynet Pictures

8. It’s perfect.

FameFlynet Pictures

9. And here he is dressed as a bunch of grapes!

10. But back to his face:

12. Why stop now?

14. But it’s not just the face. It’s EVERYTHING.

15. That he strolls casually with duffel bags…

FameFlynet Pictures

16. Is the ultimate DILF…

FameFlynet Pictures

17. Loves diapers…

FameFlynet Pictures

18. And makes this face while getting out of his car.

FameFlynet Pictures

19. Even though we loved this…

20. THIS is even better.

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