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Italy Used "Wine Windows" During The Plague And Now They Are Open Again Because Of The Coronavirus

Useful, tbh.

It has come to my attention that all over Florence, Italy are these cute little things called buchetta del vino, which means "wine window" in English.

Back in the day, rich Italians who owned vineyards would sell their wines directly to customers through a tiny window in the wall.

But in the 1630s, the wine windows got really good use because of the Black Death. It was a way to sell socially distanced wine and hopefully not catch the literal plague.

There are hundreds of these adorable wine windows around Florence and Tuscany.

And there's a cultural association called Buchette Del Vino that maps them all out and in general has all the information you'd ever want to know about wine windows.

But the real big news here today is that the wine windows are being used again these days because of the coronavirus.

Safe AND cute.

I'm obsessed!!

But because this is 2020, it's not just a wine window anymore. It's also an Aperol Spritz window.

A coffee window.

And an ice cream window.

Sorry, GELATO window.

So proud to be 1/4 Italian. More wine windows are needed everywhere. Ciao!!!