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    Updated on Aug 16, 2018. Posted on Aug 16, 2018

    Is It Just Me Or Does Dr. Phil Look Cool As Heck Here?

    Some things you can't deny!!!

    Call me crazy or whatever you want, but I saw these pics of Dr. Phil and I thought wait, he looks like a cool cat here?

    I mean...look at this dude!

    Nnon, Alin / BACKGRID

    He looks...kinda cool!

    Nnon, Alin / BACKGRID

    Like, maybe as heck?

    Alin, Nnon / ALLA / BACKGRID

    Check out that fit!

    Alin, Nnon / ALLA / BACKGRID

    And there goes the cool dude getting into his cool car that has doors that open BACKWARD.

    Nnon, Alin / BACKGRID


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