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    Is It Just Me Or Does Dr. Phil Look Cool As Heck Here?

    Some things you can't deny!!!

    Call me crazy or whatever you want, but I saw these pics of Dr. Phil and I thought wait, he looks like a cool cat here?

    I mean...look at this dude!

    Nnon, Alin / BACKGRID

    He looks...kinda cool!

    Nnon, Alin / BACKGRID

    Like, maybe as heck?

    Alin, Nnon / ALLA / BACKGRID

    Check out that fit!

    Alin, Nnon / ALLA / BACKGRID

    And there goes the cool dude getting into his cool car that has doors that open BACKWARD.

    Nnon, Alin / BACKGRID


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