Is Eddie Redmayne Hot?

The answer to your burning question about the Les Miserables actor.

1. Exhibit A: All dressed up, hot.

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3. Exhibit C: Wears suspenders, hot.

5. Exhibit E: That jaw, hot.

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6. Exhibit F: Those freckles, hot.

8. Exhibit H: His ginger-ness, hot.

9. Exhibit I: Him with a ladder, hot.

10. Exhibit J: That smile, hot.

11. Exhibit K: Profile shot, hot.

Rainer Hosch for Venice magazine

12. Exhibit L: Looking up towards the sky, hot.

13. Exhibit M: Wearing a giant scarf, hot.

14. Exhibit N: Those piercing green eyes, hot.

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15. Exhibit N-2: Seriously, those eyes.

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16. Exhibit O: In a control room, hot.

17. Exhibit P: Looking sultry, hot.

18. Exhibit Q: Looking cold, hot.

19. Exhibit R: This face, hot.

Rainer Hosch for Venice magazine

20. Exhibit S: Full body shot, hot.

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21. Exhibit T: The “you talkin to me?” pose, hot.

22. Exhibit U: In sunglasses, hot.

23. Exhibit V: This smirk, hot.

24. Exhibit W: Taking a goofy selfie, hot.

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25. Exhibit X: Looking dapper while hailing a cab, hot.

26. Exhibit Y: This face, hot.

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27. Exhibit Z: No, THIS face. Hot.

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28. Conclusion: Yes, Eddie Redmayne is hot.

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