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    This Dog Can Literally Play Jenga And Also Do A Million Other Things Expertly

    She's my idol.

    Ladies and germs, this is Secret. A dog that is far superior to,!

    Yesterday this video was posted in which Secret literally PLAYS JENGA. I'm talkin' methodically removes multiple wooden blocks from a tower and does it better than I've ever done it in my life!

    And after doing some research (aka scrolling through her Instagram feed), I found out that Secret can do literally EH. VER. EE. THING. better than me.

    1. She can do yoga better than me.

    2. She can play the drums better than me.

    3. She can sled better than me.

    4. She paints better than me.


    5. And also draws circles better than me.

    6. She has far better rhythm than I do...look at her dance...better than me!!

    7. She can vacuum better than me.

    8. And be the swing pusher better than me.

    9. She can play ping pong better than me.

    10. She scoots better than me.

    11. And jumps rope better than me.

    12. She can pack a suitcase better than me. Honestly packing is the worst and this is impressive.

    13. She can play piano better than me. I can't even play piano.

    14. She can play guitar better than me (again, I cannot even play guitar).

    15. She assists the sweeper better than me.

    16. She can mop better than me.

    17. She jumps rope better than me.

    18. And she puts clothes away better than me. LOOK HOW NICELY SHE HANGS THOSE SHIRTS.

    So yah, I'm obsessed and would like her to teach me her ways.

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