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    I'm Obsessed With Seth Rogen Joining A Pottery Studio And Making His Own Vases And Ashtrays

    This is talent.

    22 weeks ago Seth Rogen joined a pottery class. I know this because 22 weeks ago he uploaded this pic on Instagram telling us that he joined a pottery class so that he could make his own ashtrays.

    And yes those ashtrays are cute and impressive. But ever since then Seth has been sharing more of his crafts and I'm obsessed with them.

    For example, this is a ceramic vase and ashtray he made by hand:

    And look at these vases. Glazed and all!

    Seth Rogen made this little thing!!

    He mostly does ashtrays and vases. But those ashtrays and vases are Etsy worthy.

    Look at this work!!

    An artiste!

    Truly, I'm impressed!!

    This is stu-hunning!

    Forget the movies and the fame, this is what Seth was born to do.

    So yeah, I would buy some ceramic vases and ashtrays made by Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron would too.