I'm LOLing At The 4th Skarsgård Brother's Blunt Tweets About His Family

    No, he will not say hi to his dad for you.

    Everyone knows Alexander Skarsgård.

    Alexander on the red carpet of the SAG awards in a tuxedo

    And you also probably know his dad, Stellan Skarsgård.

    Stellan smiling on the red carpet in a tuxedo

    Who, by the way, used to look like this:

    You also might know two of Alexander's brothers, Gustaf and Bill.

    Gustaf, Bill, and Alexander, from left to right, pose for a photo together on the red

    But there is a chance you don't know the fourth Skarsgård, Valter (here on the right).

    Valter is an actor, too, just like the rest of the guys in his family. Recently he was in the show Katla on Netflix. I watched it, and it was weird but very good.

    Valter standing next to a woman outside in a scene from Katla

    And now he is also maybe my favorite Skarsgård because his recent tweets got me good.

    It started when he responded to this tweet about his family, and roasted himself in the process.

    It’s hilarious that I’m here but not dad https://t.co/Q31sRelvX4

    Alamy, Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic, Barry King / Getty Images, Alamy / Twitter: @ValterSkarsgard

    Then the replies started coming in, which made me realize, wow, I LOVE THIS GUY.

    Yeah Bill Alex and Gustaf sure are struggling out here https://t.co/jB8dHbQmjf

    Twitter: @ValterSkarsgard

    Some people started to take it upon themselves to choose a brother, to which Valter responded from the heart:

    Twitter: @ValterSkarsgard

    And then he clarified that the brothers aren't in competition with each other, even if everyone wants them to be:

    “Do you compare yourself to your brothers? Is there a rivalry?” No but the rest of the fucking world seems to insist on it 😂 https://t.co/OBlzch3TWS

    Twitter: @ValterSkarsgard

    Basically, he wanted everyone to STOP.

    Friendly reminder this isn’t a “fuck marry kill” situation. No one is making you choose https://t.co/T84RRmC8Jo

    Twitter: @ValterSkarsgard

    But my absolute favorite is when Valter straight-up denied people asking him to pass things along to his family members.

    Twitter: @ValterSkarsgard

    Even when it was about Mamma Mia.

    I really don’t care https://t.co/ww9Gk73AmR

    Twitter: @ValterSkarsgard

    Because he simply does not want to be a messenger for them!

    I don’t care and I will not guess. https://t.co/ux4CVUc1qH

    Twitter: @ValterSkarsgard

    And he will not be telling his brothers or his dad that you said you loved their work.

    I will not 🙌👍 https://t.co/nquwqjvR8m

    Twitter: @ValterSkarsgard

    Basically, Valter is doing a good job tweeting.

    This. This is the EXACT level of engagement I want on here. No more no less 🤝 https://t.co/OhsYAeS6xo

    Twitter: @ValterSkarsgard

    And he's educational too.

    The one good thing that comes from me going viral is that every time a couple hundred people learn that Skarsgård isn’t a common Swedish name and it’s just our family. I’m here to educate the masses.

    Twitter: @ValterSkarsgard

    So yeah, Valter is my new favorite Skarsgård. BYE!