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    I'm Obsessed With This Dog Who Really Loves To Swim And Dive

    How does she do it?

    To anyone that doesn't use the explore tab on Instagram, you're missing out. Because thats how I found Jill, a dog who is amazing at diving in water. At first I just saw a cute dog (*CLICKS*) but then after scrolling through this Instagram account, I realized that this dog, Jill, is an EXTREMELY good dog. I was so impressed by her skills that I felt compelled to write about her so that you may also witness her talents.

    So yeah, meet Jill! As you can see by her goggles, she's interested in swimming. And she's amazing at it!

    But her specialty is in diving and retrieving thing from the bottom.

    You could say she's really good at it.

    Extremely good. Look at her go. LOOK!!!!

    First of all, she can keep her eyes open underwater. I can't do that. I'm a wuss.

    Second of all, she's really good at propelling herself down. She's twists and turns to get deeper and deeper.

    Third of all, she doesn't give up!!! Even when she runs out of air, she tries again. Her perseverance is inspiring.

    And look at her beautiful doggy paddle and the way her hair moves in the water. Stunning!!!! She's basically a mermaid!!

    Plus she has no hesitation and should literally be on a diving team of some kind. If Air Bud is allowed to play basketball, then Jill should be allowed to professionally dive.

    There she goes.

    Blowing me away again!

    A true dogfish.

    So yeah, excellent job, Jill!!!

    Never stop doing what you love.