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    I'm Dyin' Over Chris Pratt And Katherine Schwarzenegger's Identical Instagram Captions About Their Wedding

    How romantic!

    SoOoooOOo Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger got married this weekend, about six months after getting engaged.

    You can tell they got married because they both posted the same pic of them in wedding attire to their Instagrams. See hers:

    And see his:

    And 'cause they also posted literally identical captions about the ~magical day~.

    His was from the heart:

    And hers was from what I think is the same heart of whoever wrote it.

    The only difference in captions was that they swapped the part about "a dress for her, and a suit for me" with "a dress for me and a suit for him."

    Like, did one of them write it on notes and then copy and paste it and text it to the other person??? Or did a ghostwriter send them a downloadable PDF with blank spaces left for their names and [insert dress or suit here]????

    I don't know, but nothing says romance like a very well-thought-out Instagram!!!!!!!!! I LOVE 2019!!!!!!