21 Pictures You'll Only Understand If You've Done Edibles

    High is an understatement.

    1. Biding your time.

    2. Living in edible purgatory.

    3. Realizing that maybe you should have just waited a little longer.

    4. When it finally hits.

    5. And you didn't see it coming even though you knew it was coming.

    6. Not knowing what you are.

    7. Or who you are.

    8. Or if you're even gonna make it through.

    9. Going from 0-100 real quick.

    10. Being so high your body isn't a body anymore.

    11. Being so high your brain is nothing but a bunch of limp noodles floating around your head.

    12. Being so high you're literally otherworldly.

    13. Not knowing if it will ever end.

    14. Hoping for the best.

    15. But getting the worst.

    16. Wondering if anything will ever be the same or if this is your life now.

    17. Deeply regretting your decision.

    18. Hibernating until it's all over.


    20. Wishing you took that advice in the first place:

    21. And those famous last words.