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If John Travolta Had To Pronounce Everyone's Name At The Oscars

Master name pronouncer John Travolta will say your name now.

This is how John Travolta pronounced "Idina Menzel" while introducing her performance at the Oscars:


And this is how he would have probably announced everyone else's names if he got the chance:

Jart Liters

Stanley Hooper

Lisa Manila Envelope

Grouldie Hanz

Brat Spit

Brett Milder

Hannah Kendrock

Merl Sterp

Lunesta Knee-Congo

Janet Loorenstein

Maddow Mohogany

Chewing Epifor

Wilt Smoth

Cindy Block

Annjeen Jewels

Bento Tinderbox

Helen Denergis

Leonart DiCamry

And lastly, his own name.

Thanks to Jarett, Dorsey, Doree, Whitney, Tommy, Emily, Jaimie, Spencer, Erica, Julie, Ryan, Ellie, Adam, Shani, and Jace for their brilliant ideas.