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    Jennifer Garner Pushed Her Cat Around In A Stroller While Taking A Walk

    The life!

    This, my friends, is Jennifer Garner taking a walk and pushing a stroller.

    Boaz / Boaz / Backgrid

    And you know who is in that stroller? Her CAT.

    Boaz / Boaz / Backgrid

    That's right: Jennifer Garner's cat gets to go on leisurely strolls whilst being pushed around like a queen!

    Boaz / Boaz / Backgrid


    Boaz / Boaz / Backgrid

    This is the life I want, personally, for me. To be in a stroller getting pushed by Jennifer Garner.

    Boaz, Spot / Boaz / Backgrid

    I'll keep wishing!

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