Based On Three Tiny Moments In The "And Just Like That" Trailer, I Think Miranda Hobbes Is Going To Realize She's A Lesbian


    Guys, something happened when I watched the Sex and the City "reboot", And Just Like That, trailer this morning.

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    My nose picked up a scent. The small little hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I felt...alive. And that's because my body was reacting to seeing something that I could tell was NOT STRAIGHT.

    An illustration of Spiderman looking from behind a tree with the caption "my spidey senses smell LESBIAN"

    And sorry to straight people and/or Steve Fans, but I really think that Miranda is going to realize she's gay in this new series!!!!!

    Miranda from the original series sitting in a park drinking from a mug

    Now, I LOVE Steve. I am a Stan (Steve fan).

    And I like Miranda and Steve together!

    Steve and Miranda look at each other as they stand in an elevator

    HOWEVER, I saw a few moments in the trailer that led me to believe that Miranda is going to have a revelation and finally be the power lesbian I always wanted her to be.

    Perhaps you noticed this moment in the trailer...

    Miranda running into another woman on the subway platform

    I see laughter and arm touching. It's gay seeming. This might be when Miranda realizes she likes the touch of a woman and is curious about this lady and her beauty and charm.

    And is this a coffee not-date date? I don't knowwww peopleee, looks like Miranda might be asking her how she knew she first liked women, followed by, "Oh I could never, you know." But then realizing she totally could.

    And then there was this other moment. Miranda talking to whoever Sarah Ramirez is playing on the show.

    Those are flirt eyes. I WILL BET 20 DOLLARS THEY KISS.

    Honestly, I could be totally wrong, but I feel like I'm right. Miranda was always meant to be a lesbian.

    Miranda standing in an elevator with another woman in a scene from the original series

    Her soul has been gay since the start.

    Miranda in a scene from the original series sitting in a chair in a striped pantsuit

    And tbh, they need a lez in the friend group. Too many straights is boring.

    Plus, when I pitched this idea to my five followers on Twitter, a very observant person told me that it looks like Miranda is not wearing her wedding ring. Even more proof that Miranda and Steve might not be together anymore, and that she's entering the second chapter of her life, aka lovin' ladies.

    @itslaurenyap She's also def not wearing a wedding ring?

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    If I'm wrong, don't come for me. But I needed to say this out loud because it's important that if I AM right, it's on record. Can't wait to see if my dreams come true!!! BYEEEEE.