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    We Need To Talk About How Mary Steenburgen Became A Songwriter After Waking Up From A Surgery

    Like magic.

    This is Mary Steenburgen.

    You know her from Stepbrothers.

    From Back To The Future.

    And also maybe from this post that I literally just wrote about her and Ted Danson being the greatest couple in the entire world. (Yah, I'm obsessed, not sorry!)

    But somehow I did not know until just this week that Mary is not just an actress and 1/2 of the world's best couple...but also a writer du songs. Aka a songwriter.

    She has written over 100 songs!!!!!!

    But the craziest thing is she wasn't always a songwriter. She literally became a songwriter after having surgery in 2007!!!!

    In 2007 she had surgery on her forearm. She was under anesthesia. Soon after, music started playing in her head day and night. “I couldn’t turn it off,” she said. She took music lessons. “I figured I’d better do something.” She likened it to what Dr. Oliver Sacks described in a recent book as “Musicophilia.” It just came pouring out of her.

    The music just came to her!!!!!!! It was like she was blessed with songwriting capabilities after her procedure. A musical miracle!!

    Maybe it was the surgery or maybe the talents were there the whole time just waiting to erupt, but either way...she GOT 'EM!!

    I mean, she's signed to Universal Music Group. She has a bio and everything!! She is legit!!!!!

    She's written songs that I haven't heard of but like the names of, such as "Burning Fire."

    "I'll Take Marvin."

    "Devil On The Bookshelf."

    And even this song, "Cup Of Trouble" that she wrote and then performed in the movie Last Vegas.

    Not a lot of her songs have been produced and sung, however she did write this one that was recorded by this guy Nathan Chapman. I found it on YouTube.

    View this video on YouTube

    And not only was she allegedly gifted songwriting skills after being under anesthesia, but now SHE ALSO PLAYS THE ACCORDION. Her husband Ted Danson was the one who bought her first one, obviously. What a sweetheart.

    So yeah, I just needed to share with you all yet another reason to love Mary Steenburgen. WHAT A TALENT THIS WOMAN IS!!! Give her a Grammy!