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    Hugh Grant's Legal Name Is Basically Hughmungo Grant, And I Love That For Him

    This is humongous news.

    "Hugh Grant" is how we know him.

    Hugh smiling and wearing a bow-tie
    Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

    But did you know that Hugh Grant's full name is PRACTICALLY "Hughmungo Grant"?????

    Hugh Grant made to look like a giant standing next to average-size people who are crossing a street
    Maskot . / Getty Images

    So we know his first name is "Hugh" and his last name is "Grant." But... of his middle names is "MUNGO."


    Hugh with his hand on his jaw as he contemplates something
    Vera Anderson / WireImage


    The definition of humungo which is "huge, enormous"


    Giant Hugh next to average size people
    Maskot . / Getty Images

    Now, the only problem here is that there is another name in between "Hugh" and "Mungo," and that's..."John."


    So technically, if he were to introduce himself with his full name, he'd say, "'Ello, love, I'm Hugh John Mungo Grant."

    Hugh in a shirt and jacket, no tie, holding his hands out in a "What?" gesture
    Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

    But I choose to believe that he drops the "John" and goes by only "Hugh Mungo Grant." Because that's what makes the people happy!!!

    That's all. Bye!