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How To Tell If You Are Attracted To Josh Hutcherson

This post will either prove or disprove your lust for Josh Hutcherson. Good luck.

You might be attracted to Josh Hutcherson if your heart skips a beat when you look at him just standing there...

And you desperately wish you were Jennifer Lawrence in this scenario:

And this one:

If your body shivers when you see him riding his motorcycle (don't worry there's more later):

If seeing Josh in this white shirt will force you to grab onto a table and balance yourself...

...and if you can hardly control your heart rate just seeing his hair standing up in the wind.

If this just caused you to faint:

If his short stature doesn't bother you at all, it just makes you want to be the big spoon...

And if seeing his smaller-than-average body cold makes you want to wrap him in a blanket and hug him for days.

If this slip up makes you giggle and sigh and fantasize about your life together:

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If you want to jump into this picture and turn his frown upside down:

And if this joke made you laugh so hard you burst your spleen.

If this photo stirs something up inside...

Or this one...

And if this one of him being strong and worldly has caused shivers down your spine.

If this GIF of him dancing is literally why you are alive...

Or if this photo is the reason for your breath right now.

Or this one.

No, wait, THIS one.

At this point you might know if you are attracted to Josh Hutcherson. So now this picture has probably just sent your head into a tizzy, everything is a blur.

What is your name? Do you even remember your name? Because if you don't then call an ambulance/keep scrolling.

Because this picture probably just made you feel better.

And this one cured you of all your ailments.

And finally, this photo reinforced why you love him because even Josh, caught in this moment, is a treasure to you.

And that's how you know! The end.