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    How To Dress For The Airport, By Lady Gaga

    It's summer, so you might be going on vacation soon. Don't look like a fool at the airport, follow Lady Gaga's rules and you'll look perfect for flying.

    Wear a hat with a window in it.

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    So that if you have an aisle seat, you can still look out of something.

    Wear a beehive on your head

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    Perfect for hiding liquids!

    Wear pants that will let your legs breathe

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    It gets hot in those cabins.

    Wear a ball gown.

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    Flying is fancy, dress as such.

    Wear 3D glasses.

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    All the better to watch inflight movies with.

    Wear a mask

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    It's very likely everyone else on the flight will also be wearing masks and then you'll have a masquerade ball in the air.

    Wear Neon green and a giant weave

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    To blend in with the crowd.

    Wear a full leather ensemble with a bow in your hair.

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    Again, for blending in.

    Wear a mosquito net around your face

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    So that the bugs on the airplane don't bother you.

    Wear a ballerina skirt

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    Sooooooooo pretttyyy.

    Wear 10 inch heels

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    They still leave you with 20 inches of legroom!

    Wear a winged-sailor dress

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    IDK WHY.

    Wear your hair in a giant rainbow side ponytail

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    TSA loves giant rainbow side pony tails!

    Wear a large potato sack with words on it

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    Perfect for smuggling potatoes through borders.

    Wear all green

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    Green goes great with sky blue.

    Wear soda can hair rollers

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    Regular hair rollers are for people who drive in cars.

    Only wear a jacket

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    They give out pants on most Delta flights.

    Wear a caution tape dress

    Beware: flying awesomely!

    Wear this ensemble

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    No pat down necessary here.

    Wear see through stockings and flip the bird

    That's how you get through security.

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