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    Dec 26, 2012

    Celebrities Celebrated Christmas Just Like Us

    The stars shared their own photos from Christmas Day, and turns out, their Christmases are a lot like ours! Meaning, filled with matching pajamas.

    Miley Cyrus spent time with her fiancé Liam while wearing leopard footsie pajamas.

    Noah Cyrus wore footsie pajamas too!

    Neil Patrick Harris shared this pic of a tiny Santa and David Burtka.

    Tyra Banks smized with gingerbread houses.

    Joe Jonas wore this wreath.

    Aaron Carter made these cookies.

    Sarah Hyland and her boyfriend wore matching pajamas.

    Ashley Tisdale did duck face in a panda hat.

    Aziz Ansari uploaded this photo of a baby him.

    Ke$ha got a kitten sweater!!

    Mariah Carey celebrated with "dem babies."

    Paris Hilton held this cat.

    Fergie and Josh shared this year's Christmas card.

    John Stamos looked handsome with his nephew.

    Nicole Richie spent time with her entire family.

    Justin Bieber looked surprised behind this Christmas tree.

    Twitter: @i!/justinbieber/media/slideshow?

    Tom Daley posed half-naked under the mistletoe.

    Cher went here.

    Twitter: @i!/cher/media/slideshow?

    Lena Dunham wore matching personalized pajamas with her boyfriend Jack Antanoff and friends.

    And Katy Perry tweeted this photo of a creepy Santa, I MEAN JOHN MAYER.

    Also, in preparation for next year:

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