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    Hey Y'AALLLLLLL, Please Enjoy My Favorite Instagram Account, Dogs In Food

    So pure <3.

    Hello there friends and enemies (you know who you are!) On This beautiful day I want to share with you my favorite Instagram account. It is called Dogs In Food and it quite simply is just a wonderful collection of dogs photoshopped into food!

    Like this marshmallow dog:

    This corn dog (CORNDOG!!):

    Banana dog:

    Dumpling dog:

    Fried chicken dog:

    Coffee dog:

    Powdered donut dog:

    Cinnamon sugar donut dog:

    Banana dog the second:

    Cake dog:

    Caramel corn dog:

    Chocolate lava cake dog:

    And finally, my personal favorite, Matzoh ball dog:

    There are more on their page, which I highly suggest you follow if you want some pure goodness in your life. CIAOO!!!!

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