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19 People Who Straight-Up Disrespected The Boys Of One Direction

Ah, sweet, sweet fan art.

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1. Whoever made Zayn look at this reflection:

2. Whoever made Louis have an actual baseball hat for hair:

3. Whoever gave Harry these lovely lips:

4. The person that went in a ~different~ direction while drawing Louis:

5. Whoever made Harry look like an old tired man:

6. Whoever did this to Louis:

7. And this to Niall:

8. Whoever gave Harry these teeth:

9. And turned Zayn's adorable silly face into this:

10. The person who just decided to get rid of Harry's eyelashes all together.

11. Whoever made Zayn's nose as long as the river Nile:

12. Whoever thrust this middle part upon Harry:

13. Whoever decided that Louis' real teeth weren't sufficiant.

14. Whoever got Liam's hair ALL wrong...

15. ...Harry's cheekbones not quite right...

16. ...and Zayn's lips just a little off.

17. The person that made Harry's eyes twinkle to infinity.


19. And whoever drew this portrait of Harry that cannot be unseen:

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