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    Updated on Apr 27, 2020. Posted on Apr 27, 2020

    Hell YEAH I'm Making Bread During Quarantine And I Highly Recommend It

    Bread head for lyfe.

    IDK if you've heard, but people are making bread during quarantine.

    This paragraph from The Handmaid’s Tale explaining why everyone is making bread during quarantine

    When I first heard about this, I was like OKAYYYY BREAD PEOPLE, YOU DO YOUR BREAD THING!!!! But then...I joined them. And let me tell you, It's the best decision I've ever made.

    Before quar, I had never made bread before. I mean, I've baked other things, but never my favorite thing, BREAD!!! But now, making bread during quarantine has kinda become my ~thing~.


    Not gonne lie, my first loaf SUCKED. It was not good. I still ate it, because I love bread. But it was bad!!! FLAT, DENSE, CRUST WAS TOO HARD — the list goes on!


    But I did not give up. Baking good bread became my purpose during this time. I needed more yeast. More flour. I WAS DESPERATE FOR THE GOODS.

    Then, after a few sub-par loaves, I birthed my first beautiful baby. She came out of the oven perfectly golden brown.




    I cut her open and she was just as gorg inside. I had finally done it right.

    And so, I continued. Making my dough one day, letting it sit for 20 hours, and then the next day baking it. A beautiful cycle. And the results got better and better.

    I realized I fuckin' love making bread!!!



    Truthfully, I've become obsessed.


    I kiss my doughs goodnight and then in the morning I wake and they have grown and bubbled and I tell you, it's my greatest joy right now.


    As I live and type this, I just put another bun in the oven and in about 30–40 minutes, I'll have my next precious loaf of fresh bread.


    So why am I telling you this? Because enough with the bread hate!!!! Making bread is great. I LOVE IT!!! I'm addicted to baking fresh, warm, lovely bread. SO SUE ME!!!!!!!!!

    And I hereby recommend everyone makes their own bread. Like, why the hell not??? You too can distract yourself from all your other problems by baking a fine loaf and feeling pure happiness for a whole five minutes!


    So, if you wanna kill time during quar while also ingesting a lot of carbs, make the bread. Butter the bread. Eat the bread. I've been using this insanely simple and iconic recipe from the New York Times.

    JOIN ME AND BECOME A BREAD HEAD!!! And also, my insta DMs are open if u have any questions. I'm not an expert baker, clearly. I am learning too and don't know much, but I love to talk shop (bread).

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