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Gwen Stefani's Kids Are The Coolest Kids In Hollywood

Oh heck, maybe even THE WORLD. Kingston and Zuma are my idols.

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Let's just look at them. How cool are they!?

The coolest bros in all the land.

Check out Kingston's cowboy boots.

And this outfit.

And this outfit!

And look at Zuma, he's SO COOL!

Check out that hat!

And he can play the drums, even with a broken arm.

Plus they have the best hair.

But seriously, a blue mohawk. It's awesome.

And another Zuma-bun (and cool suit on Kingston).

They ride in style...

And Zuma relaxes in style too!

They even look cool wearing matching shirts.

They are amazing truck drivers.


And soccer players:

Amusement park rides don't eve faze them.

See? No biggie.

So. Cool.

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