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For Everyone That Is Slightly Obsessed With Coffee Creamer Cups

No shame.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I've brought you here to talk about something that I'm so passionate about, it needs to be addressed.

Tmcnem / Getty Images

And no, I'm not talking about coffee. I'm talking about these babies.

Tmcnem / Getty Images

The wonderful, delicious, adorable, perfect, tiny tubs of creamer.

Annekedeblok / Getty Images

Because let me tell you: the love for them is real and I will not be silenced.

I'm talking an I-don't-even-need-coffee-to-drink-them kind of love.

Like, when I walk into the diner and see a small bowl of these guys on my table, it's time to take shots.

Now, I know what people might say.


"No way!"


But in reality, this = good.

This = better.

This = best.

They are obviously an essential part of any diner experience. But also THEY ARE JUST SO GOOD who even needs a diner to enjoy these.

And yes, I get that they are just small packages of unrefrigerated half & half.


And if you don't want to enjoy any of these, you are on the wrong side of history.

So join me on the right side of history. The one where endless creamer cups are what heaven is made of. God bless and good night!

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