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For Anyone Who Realizes They Have Turned Into Squidward

Life turned us all into Squidward.

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Maybe once upon a time you were a "Spongebob." But the truth is, now you are a Squidward. I am a Squidward. We are all Squidward.

1. First of all, you've probably known for a long time that in your heart, you are most definitely a Squidward.

2. Because anytime you are around people doing literally anything, this is basically all you think:

3. And being inside a blanket burrito seems like an ideal situation for any time and place.

4. This is you:

5. This is also you:

6. This is probably you, for absolutely no reason:

7. And I mean, yeah, this is you:

8. You have big dreams...

9. ...and maybe you've got talents no one even knows about...

10. ...but this is still your life:

11. You know that this is the perfect and most appropriate way to spend your Friday night:

12. And you can deeply relate to this exchange of words:

13. This thought is all too familiar:

14. This is something you'd proudly wear:

15. And if this were an option, you'd choose it:

16. This is you on Valentine's Day and also every other day:

17. And you probably 100% agree with this statement.

18. But most of all, you kind of hate everything and everyone:

19. And you're definitely right about it all.

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