32 X-Rays Of Living Things That You'll Either Find Fascinating Or Completely Terrifying

    We are nothing but weird-looking bones.

    1. This is the inside of baby's hand:

    2. And their little feet:

    3. This is a belly full of puppies:

    4. And one about to come out:

    5. Here's what you look like inside when you rub your eyes:

    6. This is a pug under all that skin:

    7. Here's a chunky snake:

    8. A rat tail:

    9. And what I'm sure is a beautiful chinchilla:

    10. This is what it looks like when you speak:

    11. And here's a dog eating some food:

    12. This is a contortionist on the inside:

    13. Here's a bat flappin' its wings:

    14. And here's a dog yawning:

    15. Here's a fused spine:

    16. This is a diabetic's Dexcom attached to their body:

    17. Here's a chicken ready to lay:

    18. And here's a lot of kitties:

    19. Here's a snake about to become a mother:

    20. Here's a totally not-scary-at-all hammerhead shark:

    21. Here's what it looks like when your adult teeth are still up there:

    22. And what a dislocated jaw looks like:

    23. This is what a sting ray is made of:

    24. Here's a Pekingese dog:

    25. And a turtle with eggs:

    26. This is what blood vessels in the brain look like:

    27. Here's someone with six toes:

    28. This is what it looks like when we swallow:

    29. And this is our heart beating:

    30. Here's someone who accidentally created the spookiest X-ray in existence:

    31. And for a palate cleanser, puppy paws: