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    The Fact Is, You're A Miranda

    This is your life. ACCEPT IT.

    Newsflash people, you are not a Carrie.

    You are a Miranda. We are ALL Miranda.

    Are you in denial about that? Well you shouldn't be. The science is clear, and you're a total Miranda.

    First of all, would you ever exchange food for a magazine?

    NO!!!! You would rather eat a giant pizza cookie all to yourself.

    And then enjoy pizza with your friends.

    And sit by yourself with Chinese food.

    Secondly, these words sound familiar, don't they???

    And these do too:

    And so do THESE:

    While some people are saying melodramatic things like this...

    You are more of a realist and want to shout this at someone's face:

    Would you wear a giant scrunchie around your body?

    Heck no! In your heart you know that this is the outfit you actually want to wear.

    The fact is, you've definitely made this phone call before:

    You've certainly felt this way before:

    And at least once in your life you've worn a scarf around your neck and regretted it.

    Unlike your friends who gaze out of their window and ponder about life, you just go with the flow.

    And while your friends are spending all their time shopping and brunching...

    You are working hard for your money.

    While your friends say things that only an actual crazy person would say...

    YOU are the one speaking the truth.

    And let's face it, this is a thought you've had probably every day of your working life:

    In conclusion: Welcome to the Miranda club.