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    Everything You Need To Know About Leonardo DiCaprio's Man Bun

    It's not just any bun.

    It's a ball of hair that sits on the upper back portion of his head, held together by a rubber band of some sort.

    It enjoys to look out into the world, wondering what life really is and what it all means.

    It occasionally likes to let some hair loose, and experiment with bangs.

    It is NOT waterproof. It gets wet.

    And when it gets wet bad things might happen. LIKE THIS:

    Or even worse it gets even wetter and has to be strong to survive.

    Sometimes the bun enjoys to spy on people.

    Sometimes it likes to be high and vibrant and show off its beautiful golden-brown strands.

    And lastly, it knows who it is. IT IS SECURE IN ITS BUNHOOD. AND IT ROCKS.