Everything We Know About Chris Hemsworth In "Ghostbusters" Based On The First Picture Of Him From The Set

    As they say, a picture is worth 1000 inconsequential observations.

    1. He'll be riding a motorcycle at somepiont.

    2. That bike will be filled with ghostbusters junk in the back.

    3. Chris' hair will be glowing, illuminated by the sun shining upon him.

    4. He will be wearing glasses.

    5. At one point he will squint and show his teeth ever so slightly.

    6. He's going to wear a cute ghostbusters jumper.

    7. His left hand will grasp the left handlebar firmly.

    8. His right hand will grasp the right handlebar a little less firmly, while still maintaining a steady grip.

    9. You will likely faint at the sight of it all.