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    Here's Everything I Randomly Learned About Steve Aoki This Weekend

    Only read if you want to impress your friends with Steve Aoki facts!!!

    GIRD YOUR ONION VOLCANOS cause I'm about to tell you something that you don't know. Or perhaps you already know, in which case, sorry! But some of us are here to learn.

    This weekend I came across some info that alerted me to the fact that Steve Aoki, the famous DJ, is the son of the guy that started Benihana.

    YAH. Benihana. The restaurant that's home to fried rice shaped like cool shit!!

    And chefs that do fast and dangerous things with knives.

    Somehow, not once during my entire life had I been made aware of this information. But then I felt less dumb when my friend who I texted immediately also didn't know.


    And guess what. I'm not done!! When Steve's dad died 10 years ago, there was drama surrounding the business, and who would get the moolah and also own shit. I don't know all the details, but what I *do* know is that in the end, Steve and his sister ended up getting the Benihana inheritance, which is apparently around $35 million.

    Which brings me to this. Steve Aoki's sister is Devon Aoki. The model and also that girl from the Fast and Furious movies!!!!


    To recap: Steve Aoki and Devon Aoki are siblings. They share the same father, Rocky Aoki, who was the founder of Benihana. I LOVE Benihana.

    And, before this train leaves information station, here are two more things.

    ONE: Steve Aoki never got financial help from his dad when he was younger, he really did it all himself.

    For the record, he never actually gave me anything financial. There was no investing, there was nothing that he ever gave any of his kids. Even presents, the presents that he would give me was like, “Oh yeah, here is a jacket,” like a normal present.

    TWO: He graduated UC Santa Barbara with two degrees. One of them being a BA in feminist study. Whoda thunk!!!