Every Emotion Prince Goes Through While Watching A Tennis Game

This is one way to watch a tennis match.

1. Emotion #1: Happy!

“Look at my bell-buttomed shirt, look at my glittery cane! I love life!”

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2. Emotion 2: Bored.

“There’s no music. There’s no dancing. What is this event anyway.”

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3. Emotion 3: Confused.

Why do they call it “love,” what does it even mean.”

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4. Emotion #4: Skeptical.

“Did you really just hit that ball like that?”

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5. Emotion #5: Fed up.

“Honestly fuck this tennis shit. Fuck these people wearing anything but turtlenecks, Fuck it all.

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6. Emotion #6: Happy again.

And he’s sorry for lashing out during the previous emotion.

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