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    Emma Watson's Self Portrait Proves She's Also An Incredibly Talented Artist

    What can't this girl do?

    This is a self portrait of Emma Watson that is hanging in her house according to this 2011 Vogue piece, which describes the painting here:

    As Emma takes me on a tour of her house, the extraordinary depth and breadth to her talents become obvious. Every room is framed around a beautiful artifact—a piece of furniture or fabric picked up at a flea market in Paris or Los Angeles—and her artworks show that she can both paint and draw exquisitely. One picture stands out: It is a self-portrait of Emma holding a camera. The lens is aimed menacingly at the viewer, like the barrel of a gun, a neat illustration of what we had just experienced at the Tate.

    This photo of the portrait has just surfaced, and turns out Emma Watson's talents have no limit: