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    A Ton Of Celebrities Got Together To Sing "Fight Song" For Hillary Clinton

    OK, this is good.

    Elizabeth Banks and a bunch of her celebrity friends gathered together in support of Hillary Clinton to do their own rendition of "Fight Song."

    Literally all the noises you hear are coming from their own voices, and more importantly: MANDY MOORE IS IN IT.

    It also features Rachel Platten — 'cause, you know, it's her song.

    Ben Platt and Idina Menzel lend their voices...

    ...and so does Eva Longoria...

    ...and Jane Fonda.

    Plus like a million more famous people. Look, there's Connie Britton and Julie Bowen in tiny little boxes!

    Basically, you should just watch it, enjoy it, and let all the inspiration it might give you fill your soul up with warmth:

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