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    We Can't Let One More Second Go By Without Talking About This Picture Of Dolly Parton

    Wow. Just wow.

    Queen of country and patron saint of big boobs (it's just a fact!) Dolly Parton shared a photo yesterday on her Instagram. I was made aware of the existence of the photo today thanks to @LaurenBrownMD, and it took my breath away.

    Now I would like to share it with the rest of you because it might be the single greatest image ever shared to the interwebs. And I'm not being dramatic!!! Ready for it? K, here it is:


    First of all, the lighting is perfect. It's heavenly. It's the kind of stuff I usually only see in my dreams or at least in that moment when I'm just about to fall asleep and shit gets weird.

    Secondly, and maybe most important: the tiny saxophone!!!!!!!! It's small and covered in rhinestones. It's functional and adorable.

    I love it. I want it.

    Then of course there is the caption of the photo, which is tremendous.

    It's like a Xanga status, but BETTER. Her current mood is feelin' saxy. Saxy. SAXY!!!

    Basically I want this photo printed and framed for my bedroom.

    Thank you, Dolly, for being you and also thanks to @LaurenBrownMD for alerting us to this photo. I'm forever grateful.

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